speedy_sparkSPEEDY SPARK fire starters are the perfect solution to ensuring more time is spent enjoying your campfire, BBQ or relaxing around your fireplace than time wasted trying to get that fire to start!

Simply and quickly light your fire and have the confidence to know that you can use these handy starters with wood, charcoal or other Speedy Blaze products. They are safe to cook over and water resistant.

Your Speedy Spark Kit Includes:

  • 15 Speedy Blaze Firestarters





Our smoke-free, all natural, recycled wood fire bricks are easy to use, water resistant, and safe to cook over. No mess, no fuss, and anyone can light them.

Speedy Blaze is proud to supply an alternative to naturally harvested campfire wood. The convenience, safety and versatility of this campfire wood alternative is unparalleled. Not only is this campfire wood alternative user friendly, it is exceptionally friendly to the environment. This green alternative to campfire wood has a zero carbon footprint, is created from 100% natural recycled materials and is USDA transport compliant and safe for use in cooking. Speedy Blaze is your number one choice as fuel for your fireplace or campfire.