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Are speedy blaze products water-resistant?

Yes, our products are both Cold Weather and Water resistant. Our patent-pending design has been tested to keep all of our products safe against moisture and freezing temperatures so that you can be assured of a quick and easy lighting experience every time.

Are speedy blaze products environmentally friendly? 

Speedy Blaze products are made of 100% natural recycled wood and has even been USDA safe for transport. Speedy Blaze products are "Green" products that have a Zero CO2 footprint!

Yes, because Speedy Blaze products are wood fuel products that have been created with 100% natural recycled wood. Enough heat is generated to roast a simple marshmallow or even a full meal! Speedy Blaze products are USDA safe to transport.

Yes! Whether you are headed our for a weekend of local camping or across country to a National Park, Speedy Blaze products have been USDA transport compliant! No more worrying about mold, pests or cross contamination.

Speedy Blaze is not regulated under the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's regulations because it is made from wood particles too small to harbor pests of concern under the Agency's guidelines.

Absolutely! Spend more time enjoying your time by your fireplace and less time trying to start your fire. Speedy Blaze products help you to start a quick, clean fire in your fireplace every time!

Yes, your pets are safe around Speedy Blaze products. However, we don't recommend you allow your pets to use Speedy Blaze products unsupervised ;)~